kantech group


From the first steps into this journey to the way we’ve built our business on the pillars of company values.


How did we
come to this

Kantech was born out of the volatile and uncertain times generated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our team’s focus was stability and simplicity so that we could continue to serve our customers whilst continuously exploring new territories. Our values proved to be as strong as ever and remained a guiding light for our journey. Responsibility, transparency and passion for empowering others remained the focal point of our company’s philosophy. Because of this, the transition was seamless and came naturally.


We are
here for all

We are here for all, from innovators and “big” companies to the little guys.

We don’t like the spotlight, we are the guys and gals behind the scenes that make things work perfectly.  We support underdogs and heros all the same, as long as their mission is to make the world better. And when it comes to them becoming business superheroes we’ll stand proud to be the sidekick that helped them through the challenges.


Our philosophy

We believe simplicity is everywhere, we just need to enable it.

We envision a world where technology is readily available for all, and data enables people to create and innovate. Our mission is to accompany and guide people through this journey.

We believe in the power of knowledge

We create solutions that support innovation and business development.

how we work


Ileana Stan

Experienced Siemens XHQ Solution Developer, trainer and Technical Support Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.

Skilled in Agile Methodologies, Databases, Quality Assurance, XHQ Solution Development, Seeq Advanced Analytics and Microsoft SQL Server. Strong information technology professional with a BS in Physics and Computer Science from West University of Timisoara.

denis buleja

Denis Buleja

I am consistently growing myself and take the time to continue learning, with a positive thinking to execute difficult tasks.

Skilled in XHQ Solution Development and training, DCS to XHQ View Conversions, OSIsoft PI development, Seeq Advanced Analytics, Databases, Microsoft SQL Server, and multiple programming languages.

mihai avram

Mihai Avram

Programmer trained in a project-based learning environment in Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Adaptive and motivated by new challenges and projects. Skilled in XHQ Solution Development, DCS to XHQ View Conversions, OSIsoft PI development, Seeq Advanced Analytics, Databases, Microsoft SQL Server, and multiple programming languages.

ciprian tolescu

Ciprian Tolescu

Manager with a demonstrated history of growing teams and developing businesses and people.

I have been fortunate to amalgamate OT and IT throughout my work experience across business domains such as Oil & Gas , Chemicals, Pharma, Manufacturing to name a few. Experienced with the capacity to conduct global operations through LEAN methods of standardizing, centralizing, and rationalizing systems and services across the organization. Skilled in Business Process Management, Lean Six Sigma with a PhD in Chemical Engineering.

We are the pathway between
technology & business