kantech group


We have the capacity and know-how to develop your XHQ solution in a greenfield project, to gather every data you have in a single platform.


A 5 stages approach

1. Definition

This is about establishing the critical requirements, must-haves, and nice-to-haves. We learn what needs to be done, to be improved or how we can help.

2. Discovery

An assessment stage, focused on establishing the success metrics of the project. Data sources are identified against four V’s: volume, variety, velocity and veracity.

3. Implementation

This is about the actual creation of the project solution. At this point we are building the deliverable assets and other project requirements.

4. Control

In this stage, we go together through the acceptance tests needed. At the end, all expressed requirements must be met.

5. Support

When the project is done, we'll still be here if you need any help. This can be in the form of Solution or Infrastructure Support.


Let’s get that operational performance you need!

Manage your critical information for decision making at every level of the organisation