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While we can deliver fresh new XHQ based digital solutions, we know that many customers focus on efficiency, speed and quality of their current solutions. An XHQ solution has a long lifecycle and many things can happen in customer infrastructure and architecture in the meantime

Our consultancy services include

1. Upgrades

Since XHQ is now a full HTML5 version, we understand that many customers remain to the previous versions and need to safely upgrade to unleash the full potential of XHQ.

2. Migrations

From infrastructure migrations to different providers to acquisitions by other companies, XHQ solutions must migrate to the new infrastructure without any data loss. This follows strict processes and procedures and comes with a substantial risk of data discontinuity

3. Architecture

This is about establishing the critical requirements, must-haves, and nice-to-haves. We learn what needs to be done, to be improved or how we can help.


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